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Protecting our home and business is very important considering the current state of our economy. PCD Business Solutions has the most innovative security systems available that can be customized for your home or place of business. We bring technology to a whole different level. Our team at PC Doctors is able to give you the best value for any budget.

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Residential Cameras Systems


We are offering a REDUCED rate on residential camera installation that includes:

4 cameras with night vision, 4 CH DVR with 320 GB HD, *Standard 1 floor Wiring, **connection to your TV, Internet access setup, smart phone access setup.


List price: $1400.00                  Our Price: $1099.00


Only valid until mothers day! 

Business Cameras Systems

8 cameras with night vision, 8 CH DVR with 520 GB HD, *Standard 1 floor Wiring, **connection to your TV, Internet access setup, smart phone access setup.

List price: $2800.00                  Our Price: $2499.00

 * Call for 2 floors Installations

** Monitors sold separate


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Having a security camera can help keep your home or business safe

Easily keep digital eye on your home. Technology has made it simple to install and use security cameras.

Question: My wife wants me to install security cameras in and around our home. Are wireless security cameras the way to go, or should I consider wired home-security cameras? Do I have to buy separate outdoor security cameras so I can view certain parts of my yard at night? How do you record what the cameras see?

Answer: Security cameras for home use are gaining in popularity. Years ago, you had to have a certain skill set to install a home-security camera system successfully. Now, technology has advanced to the point that you can buy a home-security camera kit with everything you need to install cameras, digitally record what they see, and even watch the images of all the cameras at once in real time.

The security cameras I have at my home are an interesting case in point. They record in full color and produce stunning clarity using any available light. Their infrared sensors allow them to see at night nearly as well as they do in the daytime. To put it mildly, I am amazed at the quality of the images the cameras produce.

Many compact home-security cameras need a power supply and an additional cable that transmits the video signal back to a monitor or a recording device. Installing the cables so they are hidden can be challenging, so consider using wireless security cameras if you intend to install the camera in a place where it will be hard to run thin video cables. But these cameras need to have a power supply, which can be batteries or a low-voltage cable from a nearby transformer.

Many kits have security cameras that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor security cameras are usually clearly marked for outdoor use. To minimize moisture problems, try to mount the cameras under an overhang that will keep them dry from all but the most violent wind-driven rain.

Be sure to look at home-security cameras equipped with infrared sensors for night-vision capability. My night-vision cameras allow me to see my yard at night even when there is no moon in the sky. I am constantly amazed at all of the things I can see outdoors in the dark. You can buy a small camera that is rated for outdoor use, transmits in full color, has night vision and is smaller than a soup can.

The images the cameras see can be recorded on a powerful digital video recorder. I have a DVR that will record the images from four cameras at the same time. I can set the DVR to record only if the cameras sense motion; it can be set to take still shots every few seconds or it can record all it sees. If the DVR hard drive is large enough, you can record for weeks without recording over images.

Modern home-security cameras have many other options and recording features. The best part is that they are affordable, especially when you buy them in a kit. One of the kits I prefer has four indoor/outdoor color cameras with motion sensitivity and night vision. You also get a fancy monitor and a high-powered DVR that allows you to record up to 55 days of images.

This kit can be connected to the Internet so you can view the images from a remote location. You can bet I will be installing this kit to watch over the job site of my new home as it is being built. Can you imagine how cool it would be to know when someone pulls up the road to the site or when someone is snooping around in the dark? The cameras would allow me to call the police from 1,000 miles away.

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